Top 5 Tempat Nyimpan Gambar Gratis

Want to share photos, avatars, signatures, family pictures, animated icons, etc to your friends, family members, message boards, for auctions, forums, for your blogs, etc Here is the list of Top 5 Image hosting services which host your photos for FREE.

Some want to sign up before you upload your photos,and some don’t.
But onething is common.After uploading,they will give direct links to your photos or some html codes if you want to share if forums,etc. : This is the No1 image hosting service to host your photos, currently hosting billions of images. You can upload your photos, videos directly from your pc and they provide the essential codes for different purposes like, for layouts….direct links, for posting in forums… html code, etc.

Max image sige : 1024 x 768
Monthly bandwidth : 25 GB (unlimited if you upgraded to pro)
Max file size : 1 MB

Negatives : Can’t upload flash(*swf) files for Free. You have to upgrade to Pro if you want to do so. : It is another free, easy to use image,media hosting service. You can also upload flash (*swf) files. You can upload unlimited number of images as long as they adheres to their TOS.Hotlinking is allowed. You can upload multiple files at a time with the toolbar they provide.

Max image size : 1.5 mb. However, you can upload more than that as they automatically resize it for internet use.
Cant’ upload more than 1.5 mb for FLASH (*swf) files
No restrictions for video files.

Negatives : You don’t have to change the linking codes they provide. : This is another one of the free and very good image hosting services. Larger images will be resized automatically.
Max video size : 100 Mb and your video duration will not be more than 5 minutes.

Negatives : You can not upload your photos for private purpose. All images uploaded to Tinypic are Public. : This is another Large image hosting service designed to share your photos to your friends, message boards, forums, blogs, etc.
Hotlinking of images is allowed. You can upload Unlimited number of photos for Free. Unlike Tinypic, your photos will not be public. You can share them only to the members you want.
Max file size : 1.5 Mb
Files will be deleted if they are not accessed for more than 1 year.
Image formats allowed : Jpeg, jpg

ImgSpot : Another completely Free Image hosting service currently hosting more than 4 millions of images and growing daily. No Bandwidth limit and hotlinking is allowed. No expiration for your images.

Max file size : 650 kb
File types allowed : Jpeg, jpg, gif, png

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